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6 Tips to Follow While Shipping Heavy-Duty Cargo

6 Tips to Follow While Shipping Heavy-Duty Cargo

There are several things’ shippers face while transporting heavy-duty Cargo. In order to save your shipment from damages and delays, you need to learn about everything to keep in mind while shipping heavy goods. The entire packaging and shipping tasks consist of significant challenges for the shippers. Here we will help you learn the most important things to remember while shipping such goods. Let’s get started:

Ensure that they are Safe from the Challenges

While shipping heavy-duty Cargo abroad, you must ensure that the goods are ready for the challenges. First, you must analyze how your goods are protected throughout the journey. The goal is not only to protect your goods but to make them ready for everything they face during international shipping. You must first identify what shipping service you will adopt and whether the package can handle the on-loading, offloading, and stacking process.

Measure each challenge your goods face during the shipment on a particular transportation mode. If you are transporting through LCL, you need to ensure whether the goods can easily handle stacking with other heavy packages. While shipping through roads, the goods can easily withstand vibrations, jerks, and bumpy roads.

Keep an Eye on the Weight of Goods

Do you think all kinds of goods can be easily transported in the same packaging type? In order to ship your goods from point A to point B undamaged, you need to identify the maximum weight of your goods for the proper packaging. If you choose a box or package that can’t handle the weight of the shipment, your Cargo will easily get damaged before reaching the final destination.

So, make sure you are choosing the proper packaging for your goods. If you are transporting heavy machinery or equipment, you need to ensure that they are protected well from scratches and damages. There are higher chances of rusting on machinery while transporting from ships, and you need to ensure that they are well-covered to avoid all kinds of damage.

Insurance Cover

Another critical task for shippers transporting heavy machinery and equipment is covering their goods with insurance. An insurance cover saves the shippers from bearing the risks of goods in transit. When you choose a well-recognized freight shipping company, like SLR shipping services, they always provide an insurance cover on the goods.

Time to do Rust-Proofing

Do you think you can just move your heavy machinery and equipment worth lakhs to any part of the world without any preparation? You need to do so much to make your goods rust-proof, such as plating, galvanizing, and painting. There are higher chances of corrosion when you ship your heavy machinery via sea.

Plating is a technique used to cover the machinery with a layer of zinc and tin over your machinery to protect it from chemical damage and abrasion. The galvanizing stages protect from shocks with layers of zinc and steel. After that, it is painted with oil-based paint to protect the machinery from corrosion.

Choose the Right Shipping Mode

Among all other things, the most crucial task is to choose the appropriate shipping method. There are various shipping modes available to ship heavy-duty Cargo, and you need to find the right ones for your needs. If you are shipping goods abroad, the best option we can provide is via sea. Air shipping is not a suitable shipping option for transporting heavy-weight goods; the ideal choice is to choose sea and road transport. Under ocean shipping, there are also three kinds of shipping modes, including Lo-Lo, Ro-Ro, and container shipping.

Be Ready for the Risks

Shipping heavy-duty cargo is not an easy task. You need to go through several challenges to get your goods delivered easily. There can be vehicle damage, equipment failure, natural calamities, etc. You need to find the most suitable shipping services for your shipment to protect your goods from all such risks. With the help of their experience and advanced technology, they can easily assess the risks during the journey to save you from all such losses.

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