We have Direct Vessels from Jebel Ali to Novorossiysk & St. Petersburg



You can get HEAVY-DUTY CARGO SERVICES from SLR. We provide HEAVY-WEIGHT & OUT OF GAUGE CARGO sea freight service. Our long-lasting business relationship with our clients, vessel owners, and freight carriers has helped us provide the on-time delivery of our Heavy Cargo at affordable prices.

Our dedication and commitment have made us the first choice for shipping heavy shipments. So far, we have successfully transported several heavy-duty machinery and other goods within UAE and abroad.

Why Choose SLR Shipping for Heavy-Duty Cargo Services?

Shipping heavy-duty goods require some extra care and effort to make the smooth delivery of goods possible. With appropriate lifting and security checks, we are able to deliver oversized shipments successfully for different sections of the world, including mining, oil and gas, petrochemicals, the energy industry, and so on.

Safe Loading and Unloading

Your goods pass through several complex stages while loading and unloading from the ground to the carrier and vice versa. We take extra precautions for goods requiring extra care for a smooth transition from one place to another.

Security Checks

With appropriate security checkpoints, we assure the complete safety of goods. Your heavy-duty goods are carefully transported from the ground to carriers and carrier to goods under CCTV surveillance to minimize damages and theft.

Our Heavy OOG Service includes:

  • Heavy Machineries Shipping
  • Power Transformers Shipping
  • Heavy Turbines Shipping
  • Infrastructure Material Shipping
  • Heavy-duty Cranes and Construction Equipment Shipping
  • Heavy Machinery and Goods Transport

We are specialized in handling all types of shipments to CIS Destinations RUSSIA, Iraq & AFGHANISTAN via Turkey, Ponti, NOVOROSSISIYSK, and China.

We can accept direct Heavy equipment shipment from all European cities to CIS, Russia, IRAQ & AFGHANISTAN.

We also specialize in providing our best logistic services to east and central Africa through the gateway of Mombasa port and Dares Salaam. SLR Shipping assures smooth transportation and a safe delivery process under expert handling.

Our innovative solutions, combined with proficiency and professionalism, helps us transport oversized shipments with utmost care and safety.