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Different Types of Shipping Containers

Different Types of Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers play a pivotal role in global shipping and transportation, and serve as the backbone of container trading. These adaptable containers facilitate the storage and transport of diverse products across vast distances, ensuring seamless movement from one corner of the globe to another. With variations in size, dimensions, construction, and materials, different types of containers in shipping are tailored to accommodate various cargo types. 

Types of Shipping Containers

In the global shipping and logistics industry, numerous designs cater to the evolving needs of cargo transportation, offering flexibility and efficiency in the movement of goods. This post delves into the types of shipping containers, exploring their significance in container trading, buying processes, and the provision of container transport services by reputable container trading companies.

  1. Flat Rack Containers
    Flat rack containers come with two sides and no top. It makes room for heavy loads that must be racked from above or the sides. These types of containers are available to 40 ft & 20ft flat rack shipping containers long and are made from steel, which adds to their durability. Some containers are collapsible, and some have additional walls attached to the frame.
  2. Open Top Containers
    Open-top containers have four walls without tops, making installing loads of bulk cargo easy. However, there is a roof structure made of plastic, which is used to secure the container with the help of ropes. It protects the cargo from rain and other types of precipitation. The door header of open top shipping containers can also be swung out open, which makes it easier to access the cargo, making them ideal for bulky cargo such as heavy-duty machinery.open top containers
  3. Open Side Storage Container
    An open-side container consists of one long side that is fully exposed. It is useful for wide merchandise that may be difficult to get through the end of the general purpose containers. The sides swing open and are secured to protect the items within the container.
    open side storage container
  4. Refrigerated ISO Containers
    Intermodal refrigerated containers with the name of reefers are commonly used for transporting the temperature-sensitive cargo. Although refrigerated ISO containers have an integral refrigeration unit, they also rely on external power sources from electrical power points at the land-based sites. They are ideally used for shipping perishable goods like fruits and vegetables.
    In road transport, where trailers or rail wagons used for their transportation are equipped with diesel-powered generators that are attached to the container on such a journey. The temperature ranges achievable by the refrigerated containers are -65 to +40 Celsius.
    Refrigerated ISO Containers
  5. Car Carriers
    Car carriers transport liquid materials, vehicles, and special goods. This container is made of robust materials and built for exclusive goods. There are many different types of containers. However, car carriers are the common variation.Car-Shipping containers
  6. Half-Height Containers
    Half-height containers transport heavy, low-volume cargo on trains and ships. These containers are also used for shipping vehicle transportation or as a cargo platform for transporting gravel, sand, and other granular materials.Half height containers
  7. Special Purpose Containers
    Special-purpose containers are made in varying shapes or dimensions. They help transport items needing customized containers according to the shipped merchandise. Many shipping firms avoid using special-purpose containers since they are costlier to produce and transport. Nevertheless, it is essential for certain loads, and different spreaders are used for this container.
    Special Purpose Containers
  8. Tanks
    Tanks are liquid storage containers generally constructed of strong steel and other anti-corrosive materials for protecting the liquid within the tank. Tanks are generally used for shipping hazardous materials.iso-tank-container
  9. Drums
    Drums are cylindrical shipping containers made of plastic, steel, or fiber. They are generally used for shipping liquids and granular materials. Similar to tanks, drums are also utilized for shipping hazardous materials.drum containers
  10. Swap Body Containers
    Swap bodies are exchangeable containers that are used for rail and road shipping. They are commonly utilized in Europe. This type of container comes with a convertible top, making it suitable for shipping a wide range of goods. Since the swap bodies do not have the upper corner fitting and are non-stackable, they are exclusively for land-based transportation.swap body containers
  11. Double Door Containers
    Double-door containers have doors with both ends of the container; this container is also called a Tunnel Container. Double containers are highly helpful for the quick loading and unloading of merchandise. This type of container makes wider rooms for goods like iron and steel. Both sets of doors have the same weather-tight seals and locking assemblies, protecting the cargo from outside elements.double door containers

How do standard shipping containers differ from specialized ones?

Standard shipping containers are made up of steel and are used for storing goods and international transportation. SLR Shipping provides strong and durable standard shipping containers that are perfect for a variety of usages. Many of the different types of shipping containers are available in 10 ft., 20 ft., and 40 ft. standard shipping containers.

Specialized containers: These containers are the solution when you are looking for something a little extra out of the ordinary. These containers are designed for goods that cannot be transported or stored in a standard shipping container. Specialized containers are used for a huge range of purposes, like to work as a warm storage space in cold weather, to store hazardous waste to keep the earth clean, and many more.


Why Choose SLR for Your Different Types of Shipping Container Needs?

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  • We fulfill all-purpose you can imagine, from storing perishable foods to transporting extra heavy loads.
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SLR Shipping Company is the most trustworthy container shipping company in Dubai that provides the best and most finest quality shipping containers for sale so that you can rely on for timely delivery and smooth operations. Select the highest quality for unmatched cargo shipping services and enjoy a worry-free shipping experience. 

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