LCL SERVICES  at  SLR  Shipping

SLR Shipping an Expert is LCL SERVICES. LCL Stands for Less than Container Load. In LCL Shipping you don’t require to have the full capacity of an ocean container. We will ship whatever amount of shipment you have. We help you to save your money by Sending a small or half container shipment through LCL Shipping. 


Why Choose SLR Shipping for  LCL SERVICES?

  • We are one of the pioneers LCL Shipping Service Provider in Dubai to offer Weekly Groupage Cargo from Dubai to all Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, and Iraq.
  • We can accept your shipment from all over UAE, European Port, USA, Far East, China, Indian Subcontinent, and China.
  • Cost-effective LCL Shipping Service
  • Quick and Reliable LCL Shipping Service 

Key Reasons for Choosing LCL Shipping Service

  • Optimize your costs: You have to pay for space your shipment occupies.
  • No need to weight for Full Shipment: No limitation for the size of shipment
  • Easy Booking: LCL Shipping space is easily available
  • No need to pay the full container cost: If you have a bigger shipment than one container but less than second container LCL Shipping is the solution 

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