We have Direct Vessels from Jebel Ali to Novorossiysk & St. Petersburg


SLR Shipping, an expert in LCL services, offers unique LCL solutions globally without compromising on quality. Our Less Than Container Load (LCL) services help shippers send their goods directly after production to the retailer through weekly groupage ships. You don’t require an ocean container’s full capacity in LCL Shipping.

We will ship whatever amount of shipment you have to help you save money by sending a small or half container shipment through LCL Shipping. No need to wait for an empty container and pay for only how much your shipment weighs.

Why Choose SLR Shipping for LCL SERVICES?

  • We are one of the pioneers of LCL Shipping Service Provider in Dubai to offer Weekly Groupage Cargo from Dubai to all Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, and Iraq.
  • We can accept your shipment from all over UAE, European Port, USA, Far East, Indian Subcontinent, and China. Ship your goods anywhere without spending more than the cost of goods.
  • Cost-effective LCL Shipping Services that brings the best resources together to ensure timely delivery of goods at the most affordable prices.
  • Quick and Reliable LCL Shipping Service for a faster delivery without risking the safety of goods. Efficient tracking systems and due care is followed to handle the process quickly.

Critical Reasons for Choosing LCL Shipping Service

  • Optimize your costs: You have to pay for only the space your shipment occupies, and no need to pay for the full container space. Our LCL services allow you to save money on a lower volume of goods. No need to pay for the entire container and pay only how much your goods weigh.
  • No need for Full Shipment weight: Ship how much amount of goods you want without any limitation on the shipment size. An ideal method is if you have shipments that take more than one cargo space and less than two containers. This way, you can easily accommodate goods with other shippers. Send any type of the shipment of any weight through LCL.
  • Easy Shipping space booking: LCL Shipping space is easily available. You don’t have to wait for a free container space. SLR shipping offers weekly groupage where you dont have to wait longer to get your goods delivered. No need to wait for an entire space, get your goods delivered by sharing a container with other shippers.
  • No need to pay for the entire container cost: If you have a more oversized shipment than one container but less than a second container, LCL Shipping is the solution. SLR allows you to ship low-volume goods without paying for the container cost.