What is shipping? How do shipping companies work?

Due to the increase in cross-border relations, Shipping Methods has faced a massive demand. Nowadays, raw materials and products are transported into bulk by companies to fulfill their business demands. SLR shipping is one of the top-rated shipping companies in Dubai that has gained widespread popularity due to its quality services. Nowadays, the shipping industry has been divided into several types. Due to the vast business demands, there are different types of shipping methods followed. Let’s have a look at them:

Types of Shipping Companies

Liner Services

Liner services refer to transporting goods and cargo from one destination to another through large ocean ships. The large oceans ship generally move at a particular time and have a definite route. That is why it is also one of the most effective shipping methods. SLR shipping services LLC is famous for its Liner services in Dubai.

Freight forwarding Services

Freight forwarders are generally responsible for the shipments of goods from one place to other via air, marine, rail, and road. Since it requires coordination, proper regulation, and operation, the shipment companies ensure that the freight forwarding services are carried down appropriately. SLR shipping services LLC is offering responsible and timely freight forwarders in Dubai for the past few years. The company is known for providing its quality services with easy-tracking facilities. The benefits of partnering with the best freight services are as follows:

  • Easy and smooth flow of goods from one destination to the endpoint.
  • Safety and security of goods with accessible tracking facility.
  • Less wastage of time due to complete documentation.
  • Minor hindrance due to high network in the logistics industry.
  • Proper inspection of the various elements of the logistics process.

Heavy Duty Cargo services

Heavy-duty cargo services refer to bulk goods transported in size from one place to another via different modes. SLR shipping services is the best Cargo company in Dubai that also offers out-of-gauge services (OOG) at the most affordable prices. OOG services are the most expensive cargo services as it takes a lot of space and sometimes also into abnormal shapes. As storing other CargoCargo near them would damage the other CargoCargo, other packages are not transported.

LCL services

LCL or less than container load is used when the cargo size is not enough to be transported in a particular cargo box. In this situation, the CargoCargo is shared with the other container, and the owner has to pay for only the space that their CargoCargo takes, not for the whole container. SLR shipping is rated among the top LCL shipping companies in Dubai, offering the best logistics services worldwide.

Door-to-door services

It refers to the shipping services that ship goods from the seller to the customers directly. Door-to-door Cargo Cargo is a prevalent shipping method nowadays. There is a definite time and day for the delivery of the product that the products need to be delivered before.

Advantages of shipping services

Consumer satisfaction

Shipping companies offer several quality services to their customers to gain their trust. To stand out from their competitors, they provide quality services, timely and efficient delivery to increase customer satisfaction.

Cost Savings

Top shipping companies help businesses to transport their services smoothly in a cost-effective manner. Due to their widespread networks in the logistics industry, they offer the swift movement of CargoCargo from one place to other without wasting time and money.

Tracking facilities

Unlike other local shipment services, the top freight forwarding companies in Dubai ensure an easy tracking system. You can easily track your CargoCargo from anywhere to have better safety and timely delivery. You can check where your package is and why it is taking a long time.

Efficient management system

Partnering with SLR shipping services LLC, the best Cargo company in Dubai, helps businesses manage all their shipping needs by offering an efficient management system. Save yourself from the hassles of hiring different services for your logistics needs and hire a company that provides a complete and efficient management system.

Growth of business

Businesses spend a lot of their time in the shipment of their goods from one place to other. However, a large-scale business can’t pay their precious time doing the paper works and arranging resources. Partnering with the top shipping companies will save all your consecutive time and efforts to get your stuff delivered. Businesses can focus on their growth, leading to massive success.


Partnering with the right shipping company helps in maintaining the credibility and workflow of your business. Companies can’t start production without getting their raw material delivered on time. The same happens with sellers when they cannot provide their products to their customers on time. Choose the best shipping company in Dubai, like SLR logistics, to maintain the credibility of your business.

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