Freight Forwarding Services: A Solution to All Your Shipping Needs

Shipping your goods in the international market involves many complicated tasks. SLR Shipping services makes these tasks easy for you. Business houses have their in-house arrangements to ship goods, but usually, they rely on freight forwarders to do the job. Looking for the best shipping services? You are at the right place!!! This blog will help you understand all the things about freight forwarding and how we operate to give you the comfort of forwarding your goods quickly.

With the growth of the global economy, goods shipment, both domestic and international, has exponentially increased. Companies decide how to handle their exports. They usually prefer to leave it to the expert freight forwarders like SLR shipping

If a company decides to handle shipping and forwarding the job, they need to weigh the benefits and costs of such a move before taking the step. Companies must invest in the latest technology, logistic infrastructure, and skilled manpower to handle the related tasks to meet the growth in demand.

Hence, it is wise to appoint the best freight forwarding company specializing in getting these jobs done at the lowest costs without sacrificing the job quality. SLR Shipping is the best freight forwarding company in Dubai that helps with the logistics of moving goods from source to destination in a cost-effective manner. 

We are the intermediary between the consignor of goods and the destination, such as the point of distribution. We arrange inland transport, custom and port documentation, and other supplementary activities.

Because of our rapport with the government and other agencies, we are able to get the work done smoothly, besides getting favorable schedules, rates, etc. 

SLR Shipping is established freight forwarders who help in the coordination, planning, and movement of your goods to the destination efficiently. We efficiently move to and from CIS, Afghanistan, Russia, and Iraq. Our service over CIS/Russia is through our own container line. We also accept from European ports, Far East, India, and all Middle East. SLR Shipping serves CIS/Mongolia via China

Responsibilities of A Freight Forwarder

Exporting goods or cargo is a specialized task that includes fair knowledge of exporting a country’s Laws of Exports and Custom Rules and Regulations. We have expertise in organizing the tasks needed to smooth the export of goods from one port to another. 

These days, most governments and customs use EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) system for daily documentation and transaction processes. Hence, SLR Shipping is a tech-savvy company with the required technologies and tools to handle your cargo at different customs.

The two main steps involved in a successful freight forwarding include transportation of the goods to the port and customs documentation, and we perform both of these tasks adeptly.

Freight Forwarding Process

Freight Forwarders provide several services, including:

  • Negotiation of freight charges with carriers
  • Booking of cargo space ocean vessels
  • Arranging insurance of cargo
  • Arranging labour and transportation
  • Temporary storage if required
  • Inland haulage of goods from the warehouse of customer
  • Cargo consolidation
  • Preparation of custom and shipping documentation
  • Preparation of export papers

SLR Shipping has a number of experts involved in all of the above tasks to provide the ease of goods transfer to our customers. We keep ourselves abreast of laws, rules and regulations of both importing and exporting countries. Our company has a good communication network with the government of all our service areas and other related agencies.

The Global Scenario of Freight Forwarding Companies

Worldwide trade volumes drive the global freight forwarding market. The pacts and agreements between nations greatly impact the increasing trade volume.

The global recession that took place between 2007 and 2009 has a negative impact on the trade industry and freight forwarding industry as well.

Likewise, as with the other global ventures, 2020 saw a drastic dip in freight forwarding due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With the rise of vaccines for the novel Coronavirus in many countries, freight forwarding companies are expected to pick up from 2021 onwards.

The Global Network of SLR Shipping

SLR Shipping is the best freight forwarding company in Dubai due to various reasons. One of the significant grounds for this is the vast global network of the company. Our service areas in which we offer smooth and hassle-free shipping and freight forwarding services include:

  • CIS
  • Russia
  • Iraq
  • Afghanistan
  • Mongolia
  • China
  • Far East
  • Middle East
  • European Ports

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