Liner Agency Liner Agency, SLR represents various NVOCC Line agency and having service to / from Jebel Ali CHINA , India , Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Singapore ,Thailand, South Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, UAE, Saudi Arabia, OMAN & IRAQ. Liner Agency


  LCL SERVICES  at  SLR  Shipping SLR Shipping an Expert is LCL SERVICES. LCL Stands for Less than Container Load. In LCL Shipping you don’t require to have the full capacity of an ocean container. We will ship whatever amount of shipment you have. We help you to save your money by Sending a small

CIS / Russia/ Iraq / Afghanistan

  Why to Choose SLR ? SLR SHIPPING is a Dubai based company having experienced over 25 years in the logistics and freight forwarder and LINER AGENCY. Our main focal area is CIS , RUSSIA, AFGHANISTAN & IRAQ. We offer our service by our OWN CONTAINER LINE to all over CIS / Russia. We assure


  FREIGHT FORWARDING : SLR Shipping is the most popular and professional NVOCC & freight forwarding in Dubai. We are expertise and Experienced in Non-vessel Operations and take care of all types of shipments for individuals and large corporations. Whether you need a transportation service to transfer your goods from the manufacturing unit to markets, customers,


    PROJECT / OOG / HEAVY DUTY CARGO SERVICE You can get HEAVY DUTY CARGO SERVICE from SLR. We provide HEAVY-WEIGHT & OUT OF GAUGE CARGO sea freight service. Our long-lasting business relationship with our clients and vessel owners, freight Carriers has helped us in providing the on-time delivery of our Heavy cargos at

Russia via Vladivostok

Russia via Vladivostok We are accepting 20’/40’ High cube container from Jebel Ali via Vladivostok to the following destination.     Vessel Schedule: Weekly sailing Chelyabinsk Ekaterinburg Krasnodar Krasnoyarsk Irkutsk Kazan Samara Murom Omsk Moscow Perm Rostov on Don Novosibirsk Tolyatti We also accept from India, Far East, European Port, and all Middle East. We

SERVICES Via Mersin Port of Turkey to CIS

  SERVICES Via Mersin Port of Turkey to CIS We are offering services to Iraq via Mersin port, also we are offering Trucking services through Caspian Sea discharge at Turkmenbashi port enroute to Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan , Kyrgyzstan,Kazakhstan.

CIS / Mongolia via China

  CIS / Mongolia via China   CIS via China We offer our own container service by 20’ and 40’ high cube container by Railway via Lianyungang / Xingang / Qingdao port in China to all the Inland destinations in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikstan through the border China-Kazakhstan Border Horgos/Alashankou/Dostyk. We also offer Heavy


Multimodal Services We offer service by Truck and Rail to all the inland cities of  Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan , Kyrgyzstan,  Kazakhstan. We also offer DOOR TO DDOR Service to inland cities of Iraq. We are also very strong in offering our service to the main city of AFGHANISTAN such as ISLAMQALA, HERAT, KABUL,


      LINER SERVICES We provide cost-effective and reliable Liner Service. Liner shipping is the Type of logistics of transporting products in high-capacity, an ocean-going vessel that transit routine routes on predetermined schedules.  SLR Shipping Services helps you to carry an assortment of freight, with spaces such as bales, packages, boxes and barrels, drums,

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