What is Liner NVOCC Shipping, and What are its Benefits?

What is Liner NVOCC Shipping, and What are its Benefits?

Around 55000 merchant ships are trying to sell their goods or services globally, including General Cargo, Bulk and Break Bulk ships, Container ships, Tankers, and all other types of ships.

However, these ships operate on two primary services, Liner and Tramp. In this blog, let’s focus on Liner services that apply to container shipping.

Liner Service refers to transporting goods or services from one destination to another by large ocean ships that move on regular routes at fixed schedules.

SLR deals in Liner and NVOCC Shipping and are not only restricted to container shipping but also applies to other types of ships like RoRo, Bulk, and Break Bulk cargo. Their major rotation ports are Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE, Hamad (Doha, Qatar), Kuwait, and Bahrain for caring cargo services.

Liner Services consist of the following ingredients:


A Common Carrier is a person who prepares to carry goods from one destination to another for a reward. One such carrier is a ship that offers regularly scheduled service, also known as Cargo Liner. Similarly, if a vessel is engaged in transporting goods, it is Liner Service.

A known service provider offers Liner Service at a regularly scheduled route and time.


A vessel must have a fixed sailing schedule. Because if the ship is said to be available at a port for loading or discharge, irrespective of the cargo availability. In that case, that vessel needs to be at the port as a pre-determined schedule.

However, the weather conditions and the technical faults of the ship will not affect the Liner and NVOCC Shipping function.


A fixed schedule goes along with a fixed route. So a vessel must be at a specified schedule when expected to pass from the various ports. However, no deviation will work in the non-availability of cargo because of the fixed route.

In short, the Liner service must sail on a scheduled date between various ports irrespective of cargo availability.


Regularity in service is one of the common characteristics of a Liner Service. A carrier having a fixed trade route and a fixed schedule is necessary, which means operating a trade route per your prescribed schedule period.

Any trial service in a route may be an ad-hoc service and cannot identify as Liner Service.

At SLR, we provide efficient Liner and NVOCC Shipping services along with its benefits that include the following:

Large Capacity

Liner and NVOCC Shipping has a tremendous capacity and can carry many goods, which is why most businesses prefer Liner and NVOCC Shipping to Air Shipping. You can also choose an ideal ship according to your cargo size to transport it safely and securely.

Cost Effective

Liner and NVOCC Shipping is one of the most convenient means of shipping goods because it is the cheapest mode of transporting cargo and is 4-6 times cheaper than Air Shipping. Another benefit you can enjoy is sharing the cost and space with other people and businesses.


Liner Ships ensure to carry of hazardous goods safely. The shipping company is well known for handling such goods with care to ensure the safety of the vessel, crew, cargo, and environment.

Environment Friendly

Shipping is one of the most carbon-efficient modes of transportation that produces a low amount of emissions for each ton of cargo through air, road, or rail. Most of the containers used are recyclable, which makes transportation more environmentally friendly.

Global Economy Driver

Liner and NVOCC Shipping is a global engine that acts between countries, markets, businesses, and people globally for an efficient, low-cost, safe, and environment-friendly transportation network. One-third of the Liner and NVOCC Shipping industry transports goods of the total trade value.

Additionally, International Shipping has contributed significantly to creating millions of jobs worldwide. As a lifeline of the Global Economy, shipping adds value to international stability & security.

SLR has been a leading shipping service provider in the industry for a decade. We always ensure that the clients’ cargo delivers at the determined location and time, along with every essential document.

We cover all of the Indian Sub-Continent and all inland destinations of Russia for receiving and delivering as cargo carriers across the World on demand for the client’s needs and wants at a fixed route and time.

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