What is freight forwarding? What are the types of freight forwarding in Nepal?

What is freight forwarding? What are the types of freight forwarding in Nepal?

Nowadays, people are drawn towards the ease and convenience of the logistics industry. With the growing demand for import/export needs, the industry is evolving at an ever-increasing rate. The demand for freight forwarding services in Nepal has been receiving a considerable increase in recent years. Goods are transported at a massive rate between Nepal and other countries. Before you get into the logistics industry, it is essential to know about them in detail. Here, we will explain the various types of freight forwarding services you will encounter in the industry.

What do freight forwarding services mean?

Freight forwarding services are the transportation of goods from one point to the final destination. The freight forwarding process includes several steps such as organizing, warehousing, scheduling, documentation, insurance covers, consolidation, and de-consolidation, etc. Freight refers to the shipping weight generally above 150 pounds. All the other shipments below this weight will refer to the parcels that courier companies deliver.

The various type of freight forwarding services includes:

  1. Door-to-Door freight forwarding
    Also referred to as ground freight forwarding or door to door cargo is used to transport goods via road. The goods are transported using trucks to deliver them to different states. This is considered the most affordable and convenient option for those who want to move goods. Various factors are responsible for providing the goods, such as weather conditions, road difficulties, and other infrastructure-related issues. All these factors can affect the delivery time and expenses of the freight.

  2. Rail freight forwarding
    Rail freight forwarding
    is considered the most convenient and affordable option for cargo services in Nepal. If you are looking for a shipping option that saves both time and money, rail shipping is the best for you. Shipping freight from the rail is also a safe option to move goods within or across the borders.

  3. Airfreight forwarding
    If you look for the quickest and safest option for transporting your goods, air freight forwarding will suit you best. It is the ideal option if you have a high budget and don’t want to take risks. Due to the swift delivery option, you can conveniently transport perishable goods. As transporting goods via sea is an expensive process, many businesses avoid using this option.

  4. Sea freight forwarding
    For those looking for options to transport goods overseas, sea freight services is the ideal choice. It takes more time than air freight shipping. However, it is the perfect option for transporting a large volume of goods. Companies and industries that transport their raw materials on a large scale use ocean freight shipping to fulfill their needs. This is a preferable option for businesses for freight forwarding in Nepal.

Functions of freight forwarders

International trade is going through a significant phase. With an increase in exports and imports globally, the need for a streamlined and structured logistics industry has increased. Here are the top functions of freight forwarding in Nepal that you must look upon:

  • Planning and scheduling
    The freight forwarders have to look upon the needs of their clients for offering cost-effective solutions. They have to make arrangements for the shipping to avoid more minor hindrances during the shipping.

  • Deciding the route
    The freight forwarder in Nepal has to plan and organize the shipping route considering the nature of goods, weather conditions, transit duration, cost, and many other factors. These factors play an important role in the shipment of goods as the logistics companies have to ensure convenient, safe, and secure movement of goods.

  • Insurance advice
    Shipping companies have to consult the ideal insurance covers for their clients to save them from all kinds of risks and damages. Insurance covers offer a security to the freight owners that their shipment is safe from all sorts of losses and damages. The freight forwarders have to advise the best insurance covers to their clients to save them from all kinds of casualties during transit. Hiring an unprofessional freight forwarder will not give you this advantage.

  • Using tech-savvy tracking methods
    Nowadays, there is a range of tracking methods available in front of freight forwarders in Nepal. They can use sensors, trackers, and other ways to keep track of their shipment movement. It helps both freight forwarders and the clients know the progress of their shipment and identify where it is taking a lot of time.

  • Custom clearance
    For smooth and convenient freight forwarding services in Nepal, the company you choose must have hands-on experience and network in the industry. They ensure that minimum obstructions will take place during the transit. Their focus is to do firm paperwork and not accept extended time for the customs clearance. Poor paperwork can lead to delayed custom clearance which can affect your client’s money and time.

Final word

With the ever-increasing growth of the global shipping & logistics industry, the need for a streamlined logistics process is essential for cargo shipping services in Nepal. We are the best if you are looking for a company to carry your freight forwarding in Nepal. Decide the type of freight services you want to transport your goods with the help of the above details and save both your time, money and effort.


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