6 Common Challenges Every Shipper Faces While Shipping

6 Common Challenges Every Shipper Faces While Shipping

Whether you are an individual shipper or a company, you must be facing many challenges during the shipment from time to time. Shipping goods using domestic shipping services and international shipping services involves many challenges. Fortunately, there is a significant number of steps you can take to overcome these challenges smoothly, such as choosing a reliable shipping company for your shipment. Here we will introduce the 6 common obstacles shippers face in the shipment of their goods.

6 Common Shipping Challenges and the Ways to Reduce Them:

Mishandling of Shipments

Your shipment goes from several stages where the damages rates are very high. While shipping goods on your own, it might be the biggest challenge for you to protect your goods from damage, especially when shipping fragile items. Your goods must be able to bear the pressure used while loading and unloading several times on the carriers, trucks, etc. However, when you choose reliable shipping Company partners or third parties for your shipment, they take complete care of the consignment to save you from losses or damages.

Unreasonable Prices

Another we have on our list is unreasonably high prices that make a hole in your pocket. We all know that shipping your goods is an overwhelming task that involves a significant number of expenses. Shippers need to pay for several costs during the shipping process, such as carrier charges, taxes, duties, customs, paperwork, etc. One cannot avoid these expenses, but they can surely get a good deal in the market. The best way to get a fair deal is to get quotes from multiple shipping companies and compare them.

Now your job is to bargain as much as you can. Another solution to save your cost is to schedule your shipment as soon as possible. Shipping at the last moment means paying additional charges, and it is best to schedule the package as early as possible to avoid paying extra money. Also, you can opt for LCL shipment to share the container in case of shipping small-sized containers to save more money.

Lack of Knowledge and Network

Often, shippers lose their goods or pay unreasonably higher prices due to a lack of knowledge and networking in the industry. While shipping goods internationally on your own, you might get your goods stuck in the customs clearance stage. Also, the lack of network means a higher number of delays during the shipping process as it gets difficult to track the live location of your goods.

You need to depend on the carriers and spend all your money and efforts on a single parcel. That is why we recommend choosing a shipping company like SLR shipping services to help your goods be delivered within a specified schedule.

Natural Calamities

Your goods might be stuck during the shipping process due to many natural calamities such as earthquakes, floods, pandemics, etc. No one has any control over the act of god. However, the expert shipping services are well-versed in these circumstances and always keep a contingency plan before your shipment begins. They can easily handle your freight and ensure quicker delivery even during natural disasters with their expertise and knowledge.

Global Shipping Laws

While shippingCompany goods internationally, the shipment might get delayed, or the costs will increase as per the changing rules and regulations. If the government imposes additional taxes or increases the tax rates or restrictions where you want to ship your goods, your overall shipping prices will ultimately increase. Working with reliable shipping services providers offers many advantages to the shippers. They use their skills and expertise in the industry to keep an eye on the changing government guidelines to ensure the smooth delivery of your goods.   

Cost of Damaged or Lost Goods

Those who ship their goods regularly know how your goods can be damaged or lost during the shipment. The most common mistake shippers often make is not insuring their goods before the journey. Working with a reliable shipping service means you can easily avoid these damages and easily get your goods repaired or the money worth your shipment with the help of insurance.

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