How to Choose a Cargo Delivery Agent from Dubai to Russia?

How to Choose a Cargo Delivery Agent from Dubai to Russia?

Choosing a cargo delivery agent is essential. An international freight forwarder specialized in moving cargo overseas ensures that the shipment and documents comply with customs regulations. They are also responsible for handling the supply chain solutions without any hassle.
Shipping from dubai to st. petersburg has some secrets that make it an ideal hub for many businesses to maximize their reach. The country has a vast population, a well-developed infrastructure, and a market for potential products.

Do you know?

Cargo shipping can sometimes be challenging. But if you can find a company, it would be best to send your cargo without difficulty. These are the challenges you might face:

Long cargo shipping distances
Transit time
Cultural differences & Language barriers
Different legal systems
Import/export duties
Cost of shipping from the UAE to Russia
The difference in currency & exchange rates
A reputed shipping company

SLR shipping is a known freight forwarding company in Dubai, UAE, that has covered your reliable shipping services and will transport your cargo safely to the destination.

So, if you’re looking to choose a cargo delivery agent, then SLR shipping can be the best solution for shipping from jebel ali to st. petersburg. We provide you with the following benefits:

Fast delivery from UAE (by air)

Cargo shipping from UAE to Russia takes 14 days. It is by airplane to Helsinki and then by truck to st. petersburg.

Inexpensive cargo delivery from UAE (by sea)

With the sea mode of transportation, clearing customs duties of cargo takes 30-40 days from UAE to Russia. The shipping is from the port of jebel ali to st. petersburg.

The goods collection from your supplier takes 1-2 days or more, but it depends on location in UAE.

The company works with loading from 1 box.

We accept commercial goods, spare parts, textiles, garments, etc., for carriage.

Additional features

We provide you with further delivery of cargo from st. petersburg to Russia from all kinds of transport via road, rail, or air.

We accept the long-term and short-term storage of goods at our warehouses in st. petersburg.

Advantages of our cargo services from Dubai to Russia:

We provide temporary/permanent storage of goods in our warehouse.
We focus on providing logistics solutions for customers on the import of goods from UAE.
We provide fast shipping services for urgent shipments of cargo.
We offer customers affordable prices over competitors for shipping goods.
We are the best in customer service and providing clients with insurance services.

Where do we ship in Russia?

SLR is broadening the ease of shipping services in Russia. We accept 20’/40′ High cube containers from Jebel Ali to the following destination.

  • Chelyabinsk
  • Ekaterinburg
  • Krasnador
  • Krasnoyarsk
  • Irkutsk
  • Kazan
  • Samara
  • Murom
  • Omsk
  • Moscow
  • Perm
  • Rostov on Don
  • Novosibirsk
  • Tolyatti

Where We Excel?

We provide a solid guarantee for Russia’s shipping with cost-effective and minimal rates compared to other companies.

We have a team of highly skilled professionals in Air-freight logistics in Russia.

We deal with professionalism in several domestic and international shipments.

We offer an optimized service on supply chain management because of professionals.

We load values of millions of USD.

Final Words:

Shipping from Dubai to st. petersburg we are experts in delivering the right services to clients with the right resources and experience. SLR Shipping Services provides a helping hand to businesses even in challenging times and promises to deliver the best shipping and logistics services to take care of all your freight needs.

We can arrange shipments by air, land, sea & multi-modal routes to even remote destinations worldwide. Book your cargo with us to have the most beautiful experience.


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